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 Flames of the Sky

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PostSubject: Flames of the Sky   Flames of the Sky EmptyWed Jun 22, 2011 2:01 pm

Sky (Cielo)

Color: Orange
Characteristic: Armonia (調和 chouwa lit. harmony)
Japanese Translation: Oozora (大空)
Ability: Assimilation with the surrounding
Known Users: Naruhi Sakata, Amai Tenshi

Description: Among all the seven attributes, Sky Flames possesses the greatest propulsion power, specially those of high-purity. Described as having many mysteries, its special trait, Harmony, represents a state without contradiction nor flaws in which the balance of the whole is maintained. Furthermore, two different "types" of Sky Flames have been presented. One is the normal, "soft" Flame that has great stability. The other is the high-purity, "hard" Flame that is more volatile but packs more power. Bearers of the Sky-attribute are said to be exceptionally rare and most of the known ones share the common trait of possessing
great insight.

Appearance: "Soft" Flames has a core that is pale orange in color, but they gradually become of a deeper shade in the area closer its edges. Meanwhile, the core of "hard" Flames are of a very dark, almost reddish shade of orange and the parts closer to its edges are colored by varying tones of orange


Storm (Tempesta)

Characteristic: Disintegrazione (分解 bunkai lit. disintegration)
Japanese Translation: Arashi (嵐)
Ability: Disintegration
Known Users: Senko Reiken

Description: Highly offensive Flames, its Disintegration special trait can induce anything that touches the Flames into decaying and breaking apart, including other Dying Will Flames.

Appearance: Among the Seven Flames of the Sky, the Storm Flames are those that most closely resemble true fire in appearance. Their core is of an ordinary red, an inner layer of a very pale, somewhat pink-like shade of red-white and outer edges of deep crimson. In the manga, the outer edges of the Flames are distinctively dark.


Rain (Pioggia)

Color: Blue
Characteristic: Calma (鎮静 chinsei lit. tranquility)
Japanese Translation: Ame (雨)
Ability: Appeasement and dulling
Known Users:

Description: Rain-attribute Flames are in many ways more similar to water than actual flames. Its Tranquility special trait carries the meaning of stillness and pacification. Thus, these Flames can be used to weaken a target by robbing its strength and capacity of movement. There are also a known example of it being used to create ice.

Appearance: The Rain Flames have shimmers of some kind flowing through them, giving them an appearance similar to rippling water. The core is of a distinctively dark blue and the ever oscillating outer sections are of a more light tone of blue.


Sun (Sereno)

Color: Yellow
Characteristic: Attivita (活性 kassei lit. activity)
Japanese Translation: Hare (晴)
Ability: Stimulating and augmenting
Known Users:

Description: The Activation special trait of the Sun Flames has the power to induce and improve the efficiency of any type of activity. As such, it is an optimal Flame for purposes of fulfilling support roles such as healing and strengthening individuals. But that same characteristic also makes it difficult to use Sun Flames in direct combat.

Appearance: Sun Flames possess a whitish core with layers of yellow enveloping it. Their most distinct characteristic are the small dot-shaped sparkles it beams, which are somewhat similar to small stars. They appear to be constantly in motion, spiking in some places and flowing in others.


Lightning (Fulmine)

Characteristic: Indurimento (硬化 kouka lit. hardening)
Japanese Translation: Kaminari (雷)
Known Users:

Description: Lightning Flames are in many ways more similar to electricity than actual flames. The Solidification special trait of these Flames can be employed harden and increase the firmness of objects. By themselves, the Flames can used defensively by projecting a solid barrier and offensively by cutting as if sharp blades or electrocuting as if real electricity.
Appearance: Lightning Flames have a center that is off-white green, and extremely sharp "spikes" of a dark neon green in color. Its tendency to form round shapes with the sharper parts flailing around is a heads down to how electricity is often depicted in animated works.


Cloud (Nuvola)

Color: Purple
Characteristic: Riproduzione (増殖 zoushoku lit. propagation)
Japanese Translation: Kumo (雲)
Ability: Reproduction and growth
Known Users: Ezio Valentino

Description: The Propagation special trait of Cloud Flames carries a meaning of increase and replication. As such, it is suited for anything that involves increase of size and multiplication of numbers. Also, this Propagation effect is highly advantageous when performing techniques meant to cover a great area, such as creating a cyclone or a a impervious force field. Coincidence or not, a number of Cloud Box Weapons have the ability to pull out and/or absorb the Flames of the enemy.

Appearance: While the core is clear purple in color, the rest of the Cloud Flames have a very pale tone of violet, making this one of the most light-colored type of Flames. Also, unlike the other Seven Flames of the Sky, the shape of Cloud Flames is more oblique and somewhat unstable-looking


Mist (Nebbia)

Color: Indigo
Characteristic: Costruzione (構築 kouchiku lit. construction)
Japanese Translation: Kiri (霧)
Known Users: Anpiel Columbidea

Description: The Construction special trait makes the Mist Flames optimal to be used along Illusions, specially during the creation of Real Illusions. They are described as having a low hardness and, consequentially, it has a weak offensive power.

Appearance: The most opaque among the Seven Flames of the Sky, Mist Flames' coloring is pale white around its core and gradually turns into a dark indigo as you approaches its edges
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Flames of the Sky
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