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 Prologue: Birth of Anarchy

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Kuro Deivis

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PostSubject: Prologue: Birth of Anarchy   Tue Jun 21, 2011 7:48 pm

One hundred years ago, the Vongola Family had grown so powerful that the Thirtieth Boss was single-handedly responsible for the entire world’s government and economy. The tyrannical nature of the Thirtieth Boss caused the collapse of the entire World. Anarchy ran rampant until Fifty years ago when the rise of the Devozione and Fede Families were born. The two families were struggling for global supremacy and are now at war with one another. The Devozione Family, and Fede Families disagree on every aspect of government. The Devozione encourage Democracy, while the Fede Family believe that the Thirtieth Vongola just wasn't strong enough as a Tyrant. A third family, the Salvitore and a group with fickle interests with strong distrust for both families, the Salvitore Family put their distrust for one family when their distrust for the other family is too great. Because of that, the Salvitore Family is known for shifting alliances with the Devozione and Fede Families. It is now the Eight Generation for both families. The leader of the Devozione Family is Amai Tenshi, the leader of Fede is Naruhi Sakata. The leader of the Salivore Family is Kuro Deivis. Both the Devozione and Fede Families use the Flames of the sky while the Salivitore is a family of Earth Flame. The Devozione and Fede Families were born of Families Crushed by the Vongola, underground resistance groups that encouraged the fall of Vongola. The Salivtore Family, was born from the ashes of the Shimon Family. A family of close relation to the Vongola Family. Because of that, Salvitore Family, was the closest surviving family to the Vongola and have the most clame to the World's Power.
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Prologue: Birth of Anarchy
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