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 Kuro's move to Calivience

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Kuro Deivis
Kuro Deivis

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Kuro's move to Calivience Left_bar_bleue500/500Kuro's move to Calivience Empty_bar_bleue  (500/500)
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Kuro's move to Calivience Empty
PostSubject: Kuro's move to Calivience   Kuro's move to Calivience EmptyFri Jul 01, 2011 2:53 pm

Kuro Deivis walks out of the Salvitore hideout in the direction of Calivience. Instead of following the main road, Kuro heads 50 feet off the main road to protect himself from ambushes. He runs following the rout he had planned in advanced headed towards Calivience.
After about 5 hours Kuro stops running about 400 feet before he loses cover from plant life. He sits down and pulls out an insulated lunch box. Kuro opens the lunch box revealing Fish sticks and chocolate pudding with a box similar to a juice box of milk. Kuro smiles at the sight of such a delicious yet childish lunch before he begins to eat the fish sticks.
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Kuro's move to Calivience
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