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 Naruhi's Techniques

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Naruhi Sakata

Naruhi Sakata

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PostSubject: Naruhi's Techniques   Naruhi's Techniques EmptyThu Jun 30, 2011 7:26 pm

Name: Wing Form

Rank: C

Ability: During cambio form, Naruhi charges a small orb of sky flame in the middle of his back. While charging, naruhi moves at half speed since it requires some focus to manipulate the sky flame for the result. After the orb is fully charged, the orb turns into a pair of bird wings made of sky flame. The wings can keep naruhi in the fly for 3 posts before they lost strength and fall apart.

Charge Time: 1 post

Cooldown: 5 posts

Limit: 5 times per topic
Name: Sky Slash

Rank: D

Ability: Naruhi channels sky flame through his sword blade then slashes, firing a two feet long slash of sky flame at the opponent.

Charge Time: None

Cooldown: 2 posts

Limit: 15 times
Name: Sword Pulse

Rank: D

Ability: Naruhi channels sky flames into his sword then stabs it into the ground, the sky flames pour into the ground then explode outward in a shockwave that goes up to seven feet in raidus from naruhi's location.

Charge Time: 1 post

Cooldown: 4 posts

Limit: 6 times
Name: Spark of Life

Rank: C

Ability: Naruhi charges a orb of sky flame then he condenses it into a lightning bolt shape. The lightning bolt being three feet in length two feet wide. Naruhi fires the lightning bolt at the opponent. If the lightning bolt makes contact with something, it bursts, causing an explosion of sky flames that goes seven feet in radius. If the opponent hit by the lightning bolt, it also causes one post of paralysis.

Charge Time: 2 posts

Cooldown: 7 posts

Limit: 4 times
Name: Sky Shield

Rank: D

Ability: In Cambio form, naruhi takes his sword and spins it in place, the chain swirling around the sword until it forms into a shield of sky flame. The shield can block any D rank or lower flame attack that's coming towards naruhi.

Charge Time: none

Cooldown: 2 posts

Limit:10 times
Name:Cielo Fenice Forma (Sky Phoenix Form)

Rank: S

Ability: In cambio form, Naruhi can use all of his remaining sky flame to turn into a six foot phoenix, covered in sky flames. His appearance would be similar to his box weapon, only he would have a noticeable black star on his forehead and his back. Naruhi cannot use any of his other flames attacks while in this form but his physical abilities (attack power, speed, defense) are increased 300%. When this form disappears, naruhi will be physically exhausted and passes out, his life will be in danger unless he rushed to a hospital straight after this is used. (naruhi needs at least 200 will to use this at that time he unleashes the technique, as naruhi gets more will, 50 will is added to the min req)

Charge Time: 5 posts

Cooldown: 40 posts

Limit: Once per battle
Name: Burst Slash

Rank: A

Ability: Naruhi holds his sword at his side, the blade facing the ground and channels his sky flame in a wind like aura around his sword blade, the flame becoming bigger and more thick the more it charges. Once it reaches the peak, naruhi brings it up and thrusts forward, firing a blast of "hard" sky flames that can go from 30- 50 feet.

Charge Time: 1-3 posts, 1 post -30 feet, 2 post- 40 feet, 3 posts 50 feet

Cooldown: 15 posts

Limit: twice per battle

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Sicario Niebla

Sicario Niebla

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PostSubject: Re: Naruhi's Techniques   Naruhi's Techniques EmptySat Jul 02, 2011 1:53 am

can you add an extra charge one Burst slash so that it's 3-5 posts? only because an A rank attack can't have that short of a charge time. Also, how long does your cielo fenice forma last? I can't really tell. Ryan also said that S rank attacks should have a 6-7 charge and that you need to also be more specefic with your will use of your S rank. 50 will has to be the amount to be fair to everyone.
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Naruhi's Techniques
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