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 Sicario Niebla

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Sicario Niebla

Sicario Niebla

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Character Information
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Level: 7
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PostSubject: Sicario Niebla   Sicario Niebla EmptySat Jun 25, 2011 1:08 pm

Character Creation

Sicario, Niebla

Personal Information
Name: Sicario Niebla
Alias: "Desierta Rey"
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Appearance: Sicario Niebla Appear10
Height: 5,10
Flame Attribute: Desert

Personality: calculated, ruthless in battle, witty, sardonic, cold when on missions, defender of friends
Likes: Weapons, Drinks, Assassination Assignments, Writing
Dislikes: Chuck E. Cheese, Hugs, Sappy moments
Pride: Battle Tactics and prowess
Fear: Attatchment

Character History: Sicario Made his name at the age of 16 as a hired assasin and was known across europa as the only assassin that used a handgun and lance. He achieved his alias of Desierta Rey on his first assignment when after being exposed and chased accros a desert town on a cliff he jumped down and dissapeared into the desert until he resurfaced in Oceana under his Alias. Sicario was always a solo act and that's part of why his price was so high. He never had many friends and never stayed in one place for long. Until he met Kuro Deivis. Kuro was the only assassination mission that Sicario had ever failed. Sicario had killed flame users before since he himself became very adept with his own rare desert attribute flame. However, Kuro's flame was simply too powerful for Sicario to defeat even with all his experience and skill. His pride shattered, he told Kuro to kill him but he did not. So, since he felt indebted to Kuro and wanted to become as powerful as he was he decided to drop his life of being an assassin altogether and become Kuro's Desert Guardian since Kuro himself had the rare earth attribute. After being an assassin since the age of 16 "Desierta Rey" died at the age of 21 and Sicario went back to his original name of Sicario Niebla and was infamous no longer. During the Next two years of his life Sicario trained his desert flame until the point where he earned the
Salvitore Ring of Desert Mk I. Once he discovered the use of rings and box weapons Sicario had to completely change the way he decimated his opponents. As of Today, Sicario uses his assassination skills for the benefit of the Salvitore family and continues to work towards becoming as powerful as kuro himself.

RP Sample:http://animeallience.forumotion.com/t2448-bakuro-s-testalex-only

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Kuro Deivis
Kuro Deivis

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Character Information
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Level: 10
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PostSubject: Re: Sicario Niebla   Sicario Niebla EmptySat Jun 25, 2011 1:50 pm

Good to go. Approved
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Sicario Niebla
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