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 NPC Rules *Staff members should definitely read!*

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NPC Rules *Staff members should definitely read!* Empty
PostSubject: NPC Rules *Staff members should definitely read!*   NPC Rules *Staff members should definitely read!* EmptySat Jun 25, 2011 1:30 am

NPC Rules

NPC's will be used on this forum by staff members rather frequently for the enjoyment of registered users. Any and all information regarding NPC's will be in this NPC's Rules topic. It is required for all staff members that are expected to rp as NPC characters to read this topic. (Don't whine, I had to type it)

NPC Categories:

NPC's can be categorized depending on their 3 basic uses:

- One time topic NPC's: Staff members can create these NPC's if they feel they need them in a specific topic perhaps as a random encounter in a dangerous area, a guard, a citizen, or even a bystander these NPC's will most likely be used once and then thrown away and forgotten unless specifically needed again in a topic concerning the original. These NPC's will most likely go away if you flee or someone else will deal with them if you really don't want to

- Ambushing NPC's: These NPC's must be human and will attack you while traveling to a new location. These NPC's are 100% optional. If you do not wish to fight the NPC when he/she attacks you can simply flee in one post for no penalty whatsoever. These NPC's can come in groups and even outnumber the player so they can be a serious fight if you choose to fight them and travel will not be complete until they are dealt with or if you flee and reach the post requirement for travel

- Mission NPC's: Mission NPC's are any NPC required for a mission of any kind. These NPC's can be objectives, bosses, or even partners (only if one is necessary). The staff member that assigned the mission will create the NPC's for the mission whenever he/she/kyle feels one is needed. These NPC's may or may not pursue you if you try to flee depending on whether the staff member feels the encounter is necessary or not. However, bosses under no circumstances, can be avoided. If a mission has a boss, it must be dealt with.

**Note: Ambushing NPC's must be human wheras the other two types don't necessarily have to be human**

Requirements for making NPC's: These must be introduced at the creation of one of these types of NPC's (only staff members can make NPC's. if you need one ask one of us)

-Flame Attribute(if for fighting)

-Level(if for fighting)

-Fighting Style(if for fighting)

-At least a basic explanation for why the NPC is relevant(Even "I'm the receptionist here" or something like that would suffice but no random appearing, NPC's aren't wild pokemon or Train Heartnet.)

-Name(optional): a name is required if the rp-ing member asks the NPC its name or the name can be given if the NPC controlling staff member just feels like it

**Note: yes, all of us want badass charaters ,but not all NPC's are pushovers. Yes, there will be a time where perhaps you will be able to quickly cut through a weaker NPC to just deal with him quickly but do not assume you can kill any NPC with one quick ability. How difficult the NPC is to kill will be directly related to its level so keep that in mind**
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NPC Rules *Staff members should definitely read!*
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