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 Mission Template

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Kuro Deivis
Kuro Deivis

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PostSubject: Mission Template   Mission Template EmptyFri Jun 24, 2011 1:25 pm

Only Staff are allowed to create missions.

D rewards = 500 - 1500 (chance of dying: none)
C rewards = 1500 - 3500 (chance of dying: almost none)
B rewards = 3500 - 5500 (chance of dying: average)
A rewards = 5500 - 7000 (chance of dying: high)
S rewards = 7000 - 9000 (chance of dying: very high)
SS rewards = 9000 - 11000 (chance of dying: extremely high)


[size=15][font=Georgia][color=#7A0014]Difficulty:[/color][/font][/size] How difficult is this mission?
[size=15][font=Georgia][color=#7A0014]Reward:[/color][/font][/size] How much does someone get for completing the mission?
[size=15][font=Georgia][color=#7A0014]Bonus Conditions:[/color][/font][/size] Are there conditions for earning Bonus Experience? Is there a boss that can have a weapon forged from the carcas? (Bonus Conditions are B Rank or higher)
[size=15][font=Georgia][color=#7A0014]Story:[/color][/font][/size] Tell the story

[size=15][font=Georgia][color=#7A0014]Description:[/color][/font][/size] How to do this mission. Where to post. How much words, how much posts, etc.

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Mission Template
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