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 Akuma Tenka [WIP]

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Character Information
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PostSubject: Akuma Tenka [WIP]   Akuma Tenka [WIP] EmptyWed Jun 22, 2011 4:08 pm

Registration Template

Akuma Tenka

Personal Information
Name: Tenka, Akuma
Alias: The Tree Hugger
Gender: Male
Age: 17
My character:

Height: 6'1
Weight: 130
Attribute: Forest, a Earth Flame.

Likes: Hunting, Plants, His coat
Dislikes: Vegetarions, Animals, A crowd
Pride: To show everyone the power of plants
Fear: Seeing a plant die in front of his eyes.

Character History: Akuma was a normal boy... at first. He wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer nor the dullest. People ignored him on the street for a long time, but at the age 6 he got a mysterious power he could control any plant. He then soon used the power to make people notice him. At the age of 9 he got threw out of his house and ran out of town by town's people. He made a house out vines without any work and lived there for a while. He then learned how to control his power even more. The way he did is he taught the plant moved somehow and it did. He then learned how to grow plants in a instant this being he thinks of the plant andit sprouts in front of him.When he was 13 he soon met a man named Kuro which was walking around in the forest one day and he saw what Akuma could do. He then offered Akuma to join the Salvitore family, and he accepted his deal and then lived in the Salvitore Headquarters.
During the times he spent in the forest many things happen. He made a spear and only ate meat like boar, bear, and deer. He did this because if he ate plants his power may go away. He continued to live there the rest of his life and then his story continued at age 17

RP Sample: Kaze was excited today, this being because he was going to the beach. The funnest place in town it was called. He was going with one of his friends Sendo. When they got there Kaze was starving, so they stop at the snack-bar, and they both got ice-cream. They then went to sit on the bank. Kaze was sweating like crazy, so he decided to go for a swim. When he got to the water he found 1000 ryo. He never went back to his friend, instead he took it for himself. (btw, I'm Kaze Kuro knows that)
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Akuma Tenka [WIP]
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